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Basic Wilderness First Aid (WFA 20H)

This hands-on course is designed for individuals who work in remote areas or participate in outdoor activities in areas without medical assistance. An introduction to remote first aid, this course focuses on practical skills, decision making and specifics of the environmental contexts. 

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Advanced Wilderness First Aid (AWFA 40H)

This training is now standard for outdoor professionals in wilderness areas. It is highly recommended for any worker in remote areas. The course content extends beyond that of urban first aid programs, targeting the specific needs in remote areas beyond the reach of emergency medical services.

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Wilderness First Responder (WFR 80H)

This training is intended for search and rescue teams, outdoor professionals who work in remote areas, and anyone needing a solid foundation in pre-hospital emergency care in remote areas.

There are two possible paths to certification as a remote area first responder:

1- Take the First Responder in Remote Areas course (80 hours)

2- Take the Advanced Isolated Area First Responder course (40 hours) + the 50-hour refresher course – in the same year. 

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Wildlife Predators Defense (WPD)

Wildlife Predator Defense training provides those who work in remote regions with an in-depth understanding of the habitat and behavior of wild animals in various regions of Canada and the North.

Through theoretical and practical sessions, participants learn to anticipate, prevent and respond to encounters with potential predators.

Special emphasis is given to hazard evaluation, risk management, prevention of injury, and practice.

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