Viventem Science Support Agency


Sampling and Laboratory Work

We support research teams both remotely and in-person in their sampling work.

Field guiding / Bear monitoring and wildlife management / Camp and expedition planification

We offer field guides as well as certified bear monitoring services for day trips, expeditions, and remote camps.

Scientific Outreach

We greatly value knowledge sharing between scientists and community members and we are happy to help researchers in their scientific outreach activities.

Translation (INU/ENG/FR)

In collaboration with local translators (and other communities depending on availability), we offer French, English, and Inuinnaqtun translation services.

Graphic Design

Art is very useful for the transmission of knowledge. At Viventem, we offer graphic design services to illustrate your projects.


We facilitate several different types of first aid and predator defense training.

Job Opportunities And Internship

Keep an eye on this page for opportunities if you are interested in joining the team!


We provide diverse services to meet the specific needs of the research teams.