Viventem Science Support Agency

Sampling and Laboratory Work

We support research teams both remotely and in person in their sampling work.

For all fee-related questions and to ensure we are able to support your project, please contact us and detail your needs.

All teams must obtain their science research permit on their own before any field work can begin.

We are familiar, but not limited to:


  • Snowpit – snow physical characterization by layers with density measures
  • Snow/atmosphere gas flux measurements


Freshwater and ocean ice coring
Ice/atmosphere gas flux measurements, gas exchanges


  • Net fishing in lakes and ocean
  • Fish dissection
  • Otoliths removal

Water: Freshwater and Ocean

  • Water sampling all year long (including under ice)
  • Ocean, lake, creek, and pond water collection
  • Water filtration
  • Rainwater collection
  • Pond, lake and river macroinvertebrate and microorganism collection
    • Identification
    • Sorting
    • Preservation
  • Water quality sampling and monitoring
    • YSI
    • C.T.D loggers
    • pH meter
    • Secchi disc


  • Identification and inventory
  • Collection
  • Pressing


  • Locate and record fox den locations
  • Birds
    • visual identification
    • nest and egg counts
    • assistance with capture and tagging


  • Instrument troubleshooting
  • Camera trap/audio recorder setting and servicing
  • Marine and lake long-term samplers installation and removal
  • Various types of weather and EC towers